Dr. Frist’s Medical License

Dr. Bill Frist, who serves both as Majority Leader of the United States Senate and Founder and CEO of  APCDBAV (Association of Physicians Capable of Diagnosing Brain Activity Via Videotape), applied for renewal of his medical license in Tennessee, pledging that he met the CME requirements of the State.

This article suggests that he did not.

The excuse?  "’As a result of a change in Tennessee’s regulations several years after Dr. Frist came to the Senate, he may be required to complete additional continuing medical education hours,’ spokesman Matt Lehigh said in a statement. ‘A representative of the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners has been contacted, and Dr. Frist will meet every requirement of the Board.’"

Well, according the the Board’s website, he cannot.  "Waivers may be requested from the Board in cases where illness, disability, or other undue hardship beyond the control of the licensee occurs. Requests must be made in writing prior to the renewal expiration date. "  The website does not suggest that a waiver can be made after the applicant has represented that he completed the CME requirements but in fact does not do so.

I have not been able to find a copy of the form to see if the renewal application is made under oath.

Does this mean that that the feds will have to change the name of the new federal courthouse in Nashville?

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