February 2009 Tennessee Trial Law Report

The February 2009 edition of the Tennessee Trial Law Report is at the printer  and will be mailed to subscribers in the next day or two.

This edition includes a summary of 24 different cases addressing various aspects of the law of torts, civil procedure, evidence and trial as decided by Tennessee appellate courts between December 15 and January 15. 

The newsletter also includes (a) Part 2 of my three-part article of the law of motions In limine;  and (b) a summary of the status of 25 cases of interest to tort lawyers that are pending before the  Supreme Court of the United States and the Supreme Court of Tennessee. 

One lawyer mentioned to me that he was not interested in the newsletter because he reads the cases he needs to read in the court-prepared summaries listed on TBA  Today.   That is one way to stay current, but consider this:  Brandon Bass and I review every case – civil and criminal – and look for issues of interest to tort lawyers.  Approximately 170 decisions are released per month, and there are a good number of evidence issues buried in criminal law cases and other opinions that are helpful to tort lawyers.  The 24 decisions summarized for February were culled from those 170 or so opinions.  The 24 decisions were over 240 pages in total length – our summary of them is contained on 15 pages. 

It is also important to note that the court-prepared summaries of opinions do not always include reference to civil procedure and evidence issues discussed in the opinions.

Therefore, while  I am a big advocate of TBA Today and in fact read it every day,  I think you will find that having the information you need condensed into one newsletter will save you time and money. 

To those of you who have already subscribed to Tennessee Trial Law Report,  thank you.  To those of you who have not, you can purchase a subscription at www.triallawreport.com.


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