Hail Mary Pass?

Pacman Jones, a true embarrassment to Nashville, the Titans, the NFL, and his family, has been sued for his alleged misconduct in Las Vegas which is said to have resulted in the paralysis of a man.  I do not pretend to know the facts, do not want to take one second of my life to learn what they are,  and therefore will not offer an opinion as to the merits of that case.

The lawyer for the plaintiff has also sued the Titans and the NFL for the incident.   According to the Tennessean, "'[t]he fact that the NFL and the Titans did not punish Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones until after Tommy was paralyzed is a proximate cause of Tommy’s injuries,’ attorney Matthew Dushoff said before a news conference in suburban Las Vegas."

The incident did not arise at a football field.  Or a team party.  Or a locker room.  It happened at a strip joint.  In the off season.

One lawyer described the case against the Titans and the NFL as the equivilent of a Hail Mary pass.

That is generous.  The claim against the Titans and the NFL is the equivalent of a Hail Mary pass from an intoxicated blind quarterback to a blind receiver defended by today’s equivalent of Herb Adderley and Mel Blount.


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