Have You Posted A Comment Lately?

Well, if you have, it is gone.

You fellow bloggers know how it works and the rest of you probably have guessed what happens.

The spammners attempt to post comments on blogs. Maybe I should appreciate all the wonderful people telling me where I can buy Viagra, how I can lose weight, and where I can gamble on-line but I do not need the advice of any of them now or in the foreseeable future (ok, maybe the weight loss, but nothing more).

Anyway, the designers of blogging software knew that this would happen and set up their software where the blogger can screen comments before they become visible to the public. The name of the person offering the comment and the first few words of the comment are visible in list for review. To read the entire comment you have to “open” that comment.

Obviously, I knock out the “comments” from spammers and from the occasional person who says something totally inappropriate.

It used to be easy to identify the spam comments. In the last 10 days, however, the spammers have begun using “real” names and starting the “comment” with words like “I find your blog extremely helpful …” before they get into discussions of how I can improve my sex life.

You can guess what happened. I opened the first five or six comments and figured out that the scam was prevalent. I had 200 or so comments so I simply deleted all of them without reading the rest.

So, if your comment was in there, I am sorry. It is gone.

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