I’m Back

I was out of town for ten days on what I believe was a well-deserved vacation. I got back in town Saturday night. Sunday morning my wife and I got on our motorcycles and had a beautiful ride through rural Middle Tennessee. The honeysuckles are in bloom; the smell is intoxicating.

Joy and I went to Paris (France, not Tennessee) and had a wonderful time on our vacation. Warning: do not try to touch Napoleon’s desk at Fontainebleau – an alarm will sound.

Those of you who do not drink wine should stay away from Paris unless you have money to burn. Per serving, both Coke and water in restaurants are more expensive than wine. As a boy originally from rural Wisconsin, I was happy to save money and drink wine. I was amazed to learn that in France they sell wine in bottles that have corks in them. When do you think we will start that in the good ol’ USA? The screw tops on the wine bottles I usually buy here are convenient but I have to admit that cork thing is cool!

I tell you about this trip only because this blog did not miss a beat while I was gone. Why? Because my man Brandon Bass, a lawyer in our firm, kept it going for me. Brandon is a real asset to our firm and our clients. Thanks Brandon.

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