It Never Stops

How can some members of the Republican Party take a national disaster and turn it into a windfall for corporate America?

No-bid contracts for companies working to clean up the mess caused by Katrina? Of course, but there is more. Eliminate the need to pay the prevailing wage? Sure.

How about tort reform?

That’s right. Senator Thune has introduced a bill to limit the liability of private contractors engaged in the reconstruction efforts. Among other things, the Gulf Coast Recovery Act-S.1761-would create a federal cause of action so that cases involving cleanup contractors would be heard in federal rather than state court. The bill also would permit noneconomic damages only in cases involving physical harm and would ban punitive damages in all such cases.

Sen. Thune said that contractors “already face enough obstacles and challenges without the added burden of unjust lawsuits.”

And also just lawsuits.

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