Justice Programs Seminar in Nashville on November 18 and 19

Our Justice Programs seminar series will be held on Nov. 18 and 19 in Nashville.  Former Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Penny White, Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Joe Riley, and I also will present the two-day programs in Memphis (Dec. 9 and 10) and and Knoxville (Dec. 2 and 3) . Each program provides the fifteen (15) hours required CLE and includes four (4) hours of ethics/professionalism/dual credit on Friday afternoon. You may register for both days (all 15 hours), one and a half days (11 hours), or the Friday afternoon ethics program (4 hours).

Here is  what is on the agenda

Tort Law / Comparative Fault – John Day

John’s review of the most recent tort and comparative fault opinions will give you an up-to-the-minute picture of the current state of the law in this practice area.  John will offer an analysis of emerging trends, and how those trends can (and will) affect your practice going forward.

U.S. Supreme Court Review – Joe Riley

Joe reviews the significant U.S. Supreme Court decisions issued during the 2009 – 10 term. What is their significance to your practice? What can we expect in the future from the court? What appears to be the judicial philosophy of the various justices?

Mediation – What is the Value of My Case? – Joe Riley

Mediation is much more likely than trial.  Yet lawyers often fail to understand its true importance in reaching a fair resolution of a case.  Whether you are plaintiff’s counsel or defense counsel, you should approach and participate in mediation with an awareness of a reasonable valuation of the case.  Joe provides some basic approaches to valuations through the use of various hypotheticals.  Because Joe is presently a full-time mediator, you will find his advice useful in your mediations.

The Use of TRE 103 as a Trial Preparation Device – Tips for Admitting and Excluding Evidence Before and During Trial – Penny White

Penny will lead a discussion about the use of Rule 103 as a trial preparation device and will share tips for drafting, presenting, and defending motions in limine and admitting and excluding evidence before and during trial.

Significant Recent Cases/Legislation – Penny White, Joe Riley  

Penny reviews the significant decisions in the areas of civil procedure, employment law, family law, workers’ compensation, estates and property. Joe summarizes recently enacted state legislation.

Pretrial and Trial Simulations – Penny White, Joe Riley

The presenters use a simulation to raise various procedural, evidentiary, and strategic issues that arise during pretrial discovery and at trial.  Through simulated discovery proceedings in a hypothetical case, counsel confront and resolve various procedural issues and evidentiary problems, while assuring a consistent pretrial and trial strategy.  Joe and Penny lead the audience in a discussion of their reactions to the issues and then provide insight into the likely resolution by trial and appellate judges.

Ethics:   Understanding and Following the Tennessee’s Rules of Professional Conduct – Penny White, Joe Riley

In the first three-hour session, Penny and Joe separately present a variety of timely ethics/professionalism topics of interest to the practicing attorney.  These interactive presentations are based upon hypothetical scenarios that require resolution through the application of the Rules of Professional Conduct. 

Ethics: The Questions We Want Answered – Penny White, Joe Riley

In the final hour, Penny and Joe give you the opportunity to submit the most difficult ethics/professionalism questions you want answered. They will also explore previously submitted questions from inquisitive lawyers from other parts of the state. This is an interactive session with possible solutions to these dilemmas being provided by other participants at the seminar.

We hope you will join us.  Register here.  Discounts available for multiple registrants from the same firm or for a group of lawyers who register together.

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