“Metoo” Motion

We have "Metoo" motions in Nashville.  They usually occur when one defendant takes the time to draft and file a motion and memorandum and the  co-defendants  file papers that simply say "Metoo."

But a "Metoo" motion has a special meaning Up North.  Or, should I say, it will from now on.

A judge in Hartford has permitted Ms Reed, a plaintiff suffering from PTSD, to have her dog "Metoo" with her in court during her trial.  The Hartford Courant reports that the plaintiff maintains that  "Metoo is a service dog that helps her through panic attacks and frees her from the use of medication. The dog is trained to stay close to Reed and lick her face when she becomes disoriented. Without the dog, Reed said, she might not have been able to get through the trial."  [Emphasis added.]

You have to wonder whether defense counsel bothered to oppose the motion.

Read the full article here.

Okay, I could have lots of fun with this.  But it would be too easy.  Way too easy. 

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