New Federal Courthouse to be Named for Senator Frist?

The Tennessean reports that the new federal courthouse in Nashville will be named for Senator Frist.

The same Senator Frist who has repeated tried to keep medical malpractice victims from being able to access to the civil justice system.

The same Senator Frist who, after diagnosising Terry Schaivo via videotape, gave the federal courts jurisdiction over a lawsuit brought by her parents (the so-called Palm Sunday Compromise).

The same Senator Frist who, in 2002, slipped a provision in a Homeland Security bill to protect Eli Lilly from responsibility for injuries caused by its vaccine preservative.

The same Senator Frist who worked to protect PhRMA from liability claims in the event of a viral pandemic – and put it into a Conference Report on a Defense Department appropriations bill.

I could go on and on.

Why not name a federal courthouse after Senator Frist?  I think they should  – right after GM names a car after Ralph Nader.


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