Off Topic – The Cheating Patriots

OK – the Pats got hit with a fine – $250,000 for the team and $500,000 for the coach – for cheating in professional football.  They also face a loss of a draft pick or picks, depending on how they finish this season.

It’s not enough.

I want to know if this is an isolated event or, if not, how long have they been cheating.  The coach implied that he mis-interpreted the rules.  How long has he been running his team under this misunderstanding?  Did their misconduct help them win any of the three Super Bowls in the last three years?  If so, take the prize money back and pull the rings off the fingers of every coach aware of the practice.  And put an asterick next to their name in the record books – *Cheaters.

I would say the same thing if Jeff Fisher had done  it – we don’t need people who cheat in the NFL.  Or in our courtrooms.

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