Priest Tells All

Some of you know that we represented two boys who were sexually abused by a (former) Roman Catholic priest who served in the Diocese of Nashville. I came to learn most than I wanted to know (and more that the confidentiality order will allow me to share) about the Church’s response to misconduct of priests.

Here is a clip from CNN that describes a tell-all documentary from a priest in California.

An excerpt from the article:

“Records show church officials knew about O’Grady’s alleged molestation as far back as 1976. Church officials did not tell police about prior abuse when O’Grady was being investigated for abuse in 1984.

In a deposition, Monsignor James Cain, one of O’Grady’s superiors, tried to explain why he did not tell police about the earlier allegations.

‘Certainly I knew the one in ’76 took place but didn’t put the two together,’ Cain said. ‘One was a girl — inappropriate touching, the other was a boy. So I just didn’t hook them up in my own mind.'”

As plaintiff’s lawyers we occasionally get cases that change of our lives. I am sure defense lawyers can have the same experience. If you are fortunate, you will get a case that will change your life for the better. Our case against the Roman Catholic Church changed mine for the worse. In some things, ignorance is bliss.

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