Report from San Francisco – Second

I am still in San Francisco at the ALI meeting.  Last night we had a reception at the Legion of Honor and then dinner at the Boulevard.

On today’s agenda are discussions of proposed restatements on the law of nonprofit organizations, aggregate litigation (class actions) and restitution and unjust enrichment.  Tonight is a black tie dinner at the Westin St. Francis.

There is one custom at this meeting that I have never seen at any meeting of lawyers I have ever attended.  There are scores of  federal and state judges here, but none of the name tags identify the judges as judges.  Yesterday I was talking to the Chief Justice of New Zealand and had no idea that she was a judge. 

I am expecting some interesting discussion during the aggregate litigation review today.  This is a subject where passions tend to run high and my guess is the discussion will be a little more heated than that of yesterday.

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