Response to AggieSpirit

Aggie Spirit took exception to my suggestion that Herman Cain encourage the NRA to waive the confidentiality provisions of the settlement agreements with the women who lodged sexual harassment charges against him.

This was AggieSpirit’s comment::

I am sure your position as a trial lawyer (and likely member of ATLA) and your donation history (which shows that you donate to Democrats like Bruce Braley) have no influence on your hypocritical position on whether or not Cain should release his accusers from confidentiality agreements. Where were all the Democratic calls for openness for Ginnifer Flowers, nor where was the main stream media in revealing that Flowers was paid a 6 figure settlement by the Clintons? 
You democrats have a double standard at every aspect here — in your mind, Cain has been accused of wrongdoing, therefore, he must be guilty. But the benefit of the doubt is given to every accused Democrat, and the media turns the other way and essentially ignores wrongdoing by Democrats. You would think the media would have reported extensively about the close ties between Obama and American unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, but not one network outside of Fox reported on the relationship. 
This whole situation with Cain wreaks of one thing, and one thing alone — the political establishment and their media Obama worshiping allies will do anything to railroad the possibility that a black man become the GOP nominee — because Democrats, just like their slave master ancestor Southern Democrats of the 1800s, believe that they OWN black people, and deserve their vote. How dare Cain, or any other minority, leave the plantation of handouts, welfare, and failed affirmative action policy which have destroyed black America and created a generation of government dependency. But hey – you lawyers benefit directly from regulation, which is why you are overwhelmingly liberal. The more regulation and law, the richer you get. You sir, are disgusting.

Here is my response:

Dear AggieSpirit:

1.    I do not see why you allege that I am a hypocrite.  You have absolutely no idea about my position on past indiscretions of other politicians.  You might be surprised.

2.   I do not assume that Mr. Cain has engaged in wrongdoing, and in fact said that I had no idea whether the allegations against him were true or false.  Even if true, I expressed no opinion on whether they would affect his ability to serve as President.  I don’t have enough information about what allegedly happened – much less what actually happened – to offer an opinion on the subject.  I would note that you lack information, too, but obviously that doesn’t stand in the way of your ability to form an opinion.

3.   I do not understand what Bill Ayers or the President have to do with the subject of my post or, for that matter, your comment.

4.   I have read nothing that suggest that any Democrat was behind the disclosure of these allegations.  Indeed, Mr. Cain has blamed Mr. Perry’s camp.  Mr. Perry is a lot of things, but he has not been a Democrat for several decades.

5.   Democrats believe they own the African American vote?   This one doesn’t.

6.   Trial lawyers benefit from regulation?  First, I have no idea what that has to do with my post.  Second, the exact opposite it true.  Left to their own devices, certain corporations and people  would cause more death and harm than they do now.  Many regulations – largely written by the business community – work to reduce injuries and death – which actually means that trial lawyers have less work.  That being said, most trial lawyers believe in effective, reasonable regulation of businesses to reduce deaths and injuries, protect the environment, etc.  A fence at the top of the hill is better than an ambulance at the bottom.

7.   I’m disgusting?  Because I disagree with your views?    It is unfortunate you lack the ability to (mis)read the views of someone with with whom you disagree  without labeling the writer as “disgusting.”  Given that shortcoming, I suggest you watch only  Fox News and listen to Rush, continuing to drink the Kool-Aid that gives you reassurance that your views are 100% correct. 

8.   I just saw Gov. Haley Barbour, that well-known liberal, on CNN.  He says that Cain needs to make sure that all information comes out as soon as possible.  I guess you also find the Governor disgusting.


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