Seminar Opportunity

I mentioned this several months ago but here I go again.

Former Supreme Court Justice Penny White, former Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Joe Riley and I have started offered CLE programs in the Fall. We have expanded the program to allow you to earn all 15 hours of CLE in two days, including your 3 E & P hours. If you wish, you can attend just one day. In addition, we are having a 3 hour E & P program only in several cities around the state. Click here for the dates and the cities.

We had a great turnout last year and hope for an even better turnout this year. In addition to an unpdate on the law of torts and comparative fault I will be giving an extended lecture on the law of depositions. When you leave the seminar you will know what there is to know about law in Tennessee concerning taking depositions and use of them at trial.

We hope to see you there. You may register here.

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