Short Break

This blog started three years ago this week.  There have been 1175 posts totaling millions of words made to it.  In the process I have learned in a great deal and I sincerely hope that this blog has helped you represent your clients.

I am taking a break for a couple weeks.  I start a medical malpractice wrongful death trial on February 25 and I simply do not have time to post  between now and the end of trial. 

Trials are, well, trials – they are called that for a reason.  Medical malpractice trials are a particular challenge, and medical malpractice trials with multiple defendants that take place out of town are all-consuming.  Although I have been involved in the case from the start, Rebecca Blair has taken the lead on case and trial preparation to date.  We argued motions in limine ten days ago so for the last three weeks a substantial percentage of my time has been devoted to this case.

From this day forward 100% of waking hours are required.

So, to the the hundreds of you who are kind enough to check this site every day, please excuse my temporary absence.  There is a boy who lost his mother who requires my undivided attention.

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