Slight Delay on Shipping 3rd Edition of Day on Torts

The horrible flooding in Nashville has delayed our printer’s ability to finish the 3rd edition of Day on Torts.  It now looks like we will not be able to ship the book until May 28, 2010.   

Day on Torts:  Leading Cases in Tennessee Tort Law consists of a summary of the leading case on over 300 subjects in Tennessee tort law.   The book also cites you to thousands of other cases to aid you in your research.  As you can see from the Table of Contents, the book will give you readily access to current, definitive case law on topics of interest to every tort lawyer.

The book was written because I found that computerized legal research often makes it more difficult to find the leading case on a particular topic.   Now, you can turn to the appropriate section of the book, find the leading case on the subject as of the date of publication, and the use computerized legal research to update the case law or expand your research as necessary.

This edition of the book is published in hardcover and will be supplemented by pocket parts.  You can order the book here.

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