Tennessee Trial Law Report – Tort Law Edition

Have you subscribed to the Tennessee Trial Law Report – Tort Law Edition?   Each month Brandon Bass and I summarize the recent Tennessee appellate decisions in the field of tort,civil procedure, evidence and trial law and publish those summaries in the TTLR.   Importantly, we do not just regurgitate the opinion – we summarize it and give our opinion of whether the decision is consistent or inconsistent with prior law and the public policy of Tennessee.

The newsletter also includes an article by me on some aspect of the law of civil trial in Tennessee.  Next month’s edition includes Part 4 of my series on the law of the use of depositions at trial.  

Finally, the newsletter includes a list of all cases pending before the Tennessee Supreme Court that are of interest to tort lawyers, indicating the status of those cases before the court (as best we can tell from public data).   

Earlier this year we changed the newsletter to an electronic format and deliver it to our subscribers in a color, PDF format at the beginning of each month.  The format allows us to link to the actual opinions and rules for the convenience of our readers.  It has also permitted us to drop the price substantially – the newsletter is only $149 per year (no sales tax) plus $49 for each additional lawyer in your firm.

Hundreds of lawyers and judges in Tennessee subscribe to this newsletter in an effort to stay current with ever-changing tort law.   

You can receive a free sample of the September edition by emailing Kori Conner at kconner@dayblair.com.   You can subscribe here.


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