The Vanishing Civil Trial

The Beasley Allen law firm summarized a report on the number of civil jury trials in Alabama.  Here is my summary of their summary concerning civil jury trials in 2006:

Motor Vehicle Negligence Cases:  126 trials    Verdict for plaintiff – 59

Products Liability Cases:  6 trials         Verdict for plaintiff – 3

Medical Negligence Cases:  32 trials       Verdict for plaintiff – 4

Premises Liability Cases:  16 trials          Verdict for plaintiff – 8

Defamation Cases:  3 trials          Verdict for plaintiff – 3

Retaliation in Employment Cases:  12 trials           Verdict for plaintiff   7

Malicious Prosecution Cases – 3 trials               Verdict for plaintiff 1

(There were also 23 UM cases, 15 civil rights, five assault and 1 dram shop case tried to a jury).

It is a great time to be a defense lawyer.       

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