Thong Lawsuit

As a 51 year old man happily married to a beautiful, intelligent 37 year old woman, I confess I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about thongs.  I also confess that it never crossed my mind that a person wearing a thong could ever suffer a personal injury from the thong.    Oh sure, I knew that a thong could cause financial loss, usually in the form of alimony paid by the married man dating a woman who wore one.  And I could certainly image some degree of discomfort when wearing a thong in a foreseeable manner- clearly an assumed risk.  But actionable personal injury?  Nope, never crossed my mind.

Well, it has happened.  Or at least Macrida Patterson, a 52 year old woman from California, says it happened.  Her lawyer told The Smoking Gun that "a "design problem" caused [a] decorative piece [on the thong] to come loose and strike Patterson in the eye, causing damage to her cornea."    The offending piece of merchandise was  reportedly  a "’low-rise v-string’ from the Victoria’s Secret ‘Sexy Little Thing’ line."  Read the article and complaint here.

TSG also tells us that   "v-strings" are an undergarment that serves as  the Victoria’s Secret variant on the "g-string," " which has long been favored in the battle against visible panty lines" (also known as "vpls").  (Aren’t you men glad TSG saved us hours of time paging through the latest VS catalog trying to figure this out?  For those of you who don’t trust TSG, go here and conduct your own research.)

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