Tort Cases To Be Argued in April

The Tennessee Supreme Court will hear the following tort cases in Jackson in April:

Dewayne E. Holloway v. State:    Whether the Claims Commission lacked subject matter jurisdiction under Tennessee Code Annotated section 9-8-307(a)(1)(E) to adjudicate the plaintiff’s wrongful death claim. 

Troup v. Fischer Steel Corporation:   Whether the Court of Appeals erred in (reversing the trial court and) determining in this negligence action in which the employee of a roofing subcontractor, from which the employee has received workers’ compensation benefits, sues a steel subcontractor, the jury may assign fault to the general contractor, which is a “statutory employer” but did not pay any workers’ compensation benefits.

Health Cost Controls v. Ronald Gifford:  Whether the Court of Appeals erred in holding that the insured had been made whole and therefore owed reimbursement to the insurer?

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