Trial Update

As I mentioned in a post last weekend, our firm had three cases going to trial this week. John Branham and Brandon Bass settled their personal injury case Tuesday morning right around the time for closing argument. They obtained a great result in a case in which no money was offered before trial.

John Branham and Rebecca Blair’s trial settled Wednesday, the day before trial.

My case – an arbitration of a commerical case – was set to go three days. I was defending this case; it alleged breach of contract and a TCPA violation. It settled near the end of my cross-examination of our adversary’s CEO for one-half of our prior offer and less than 4% of the claimed damages. It was a fun experience, especially since the arbitrator did not permit depositions.

So, the flurry of activity at Branham & Day that we experienced in the last 15 days has died down a little. Last week at this time (6:05 a.m.) I was already at the office planning a cross-examination of that CEO. Today, I am at the lake getting ready to take my kids on one on many inner-tube rides.

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