Update on Status of Book

Day on Torts:  A Handbook for Tennessee Tort Lawyers 2008 is at the printer.  The printing date is October 18 and the books should be delivered to Brentwood on October 23, 2007.

You may recall that the book will be updated during the year via a website called "dayontortsbook.com."  I have seen the mock-up of that site – the folks at Justia did a great job on it.  (Justia also developed our firm’s website – www.dayblair.com.  These folks are extremely competent and I really enjoy working with them.) It will be available for public viewing by the end of the month.

Part I of the book is called "Leading Tennessee Tort Cases by Subject."  It contains detailed summaries of 233 cases on 233 tort law subjects.  It also contains citations to well over 1000 additional cases.  Here is the table of contents to this section of the book.

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Next week I give you access to a sample chapter.

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