Trucking Association Seeks to Limit Speed of Trucks

The American Trucking Associations has petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to limit the maximum speed of large trucks at the time of manufacture to no more than 68 miles per hour.  ATA also petitioned the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to prohibit the tampering or adjustment of the speed limiting devices, known as speed limiters (or governors), to greater than 68 miles per hour.

Research indicates that speed is a more significant factor in crashes involving trucks than any other factor that currently receives a larger proportion of government attention and resources.

Here is a copy of the Rulemaking Petition.

One disappointing part of the Petition:  When listing the benefits of adopting the proposed regulations, the ATA does not mention the benefit to society of not having people killed or injured on the nation’s highways.  Shouldn’t that be a primary consideration in determining whether to adopt this Petition?  To be fair, the reduction in deaths and injuries is mentioned in the Petition, but not in the "Costs and Benefits" section of the document.

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