New Website for Tennessee Lawyers

I am pleased to announce, after over a year of work, that I have completed the creation of a new website for Tennessee lawyers.

The website is called BirdDog Law.  The website is designed to help Tennessee lawyers better serve their clients while saving themselves time and money.  A major component of the site is free access to the rules of evidence, civil procedure, and appellate procedure.  These resources are available at no charge on other sites, but in my judgment the sites are not user-friendly.  I worked to design the BirdDog Law website to provide information the way that lawyers seek information.  I am sure it is not perfect (and I intend to keep working to make it better), but I am convinced that it is a material improvement over any other free site and, if I may say, just as user-friendly as sites you must pay to access.

There are two things BirdDog gives you for free what you can’t readily get anywhere else.  First, BirdDog has combined the rules of civil procedure with the Claims Commission regulations modifying the rules of procedure for use in Claims Commission so that you can look at one document to see the rules of civil procedure applicable in the Claims Commission.  Second, BirdDog creates a list of cases pending before the Tennessee Supreme Court and gives you the current status of this case.  This permits you to determine in less than one minute what cases (and issues) are before the Court and determine the case’s likely decision date.  This information is publicly available, elsewhere but it is cumbersome to find.

More free resources (rules of criminal and juvenile procedure, etc.) will be added in the coming months.  If you have an idea about something I should offer on the site, please reach out to me at

The site also offers subscriptions to three of my books – Day on Torts: Leading Cases in Tennessee Tort Law, Tennessee Law of Civil Trialand Compendium of Tort Reform Statutes.  Each book has been updated (Day on Torts had not been updated in five years) and is now available on your desktop, notebook, tablet or phone 24/7/365.

Day on Torts is now a massive 500,000+ words, giving summaries of the leading Tennessee tort case on over 500 different subjects.  Over 1500 additional Tennessee court opinions are cited in the book.

Other then the ability to access the books wherever and whenever you have access to the Internet, the digital version allows us to update the books as new opinions are released and new statutes are enacted.  This link explains how we analyze new opinions and statutes and update these digital resources.  Thus, each of these resources are “living” documents, updated as necessary to give you access to the law as it changes.

If you are not a tort lawyer or do not try civil jury or non-jury cases, you do not need to purchase access to the subscription services.  However, I still hope you turn to BirdDog to check on court rules, rules of evidence, and the status of cases pending before the Tennessee Supreme Court.

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