A Practice Tip for Federal Court

Did you know that you can avoid the use of affidavits in federal court and use declarations instead?

I confess that I did not  until I read this post in  What About Clients?, one of my favorite blogs. 28 U.S.C. Sec. 1746 "allows a federal court affiant or witness to prepare and execute a "declaration" rather than an affidavit–and do that without appearing before a notary. Under section 1746, a "declaration" has the same force and effect of a "regular" notarized affidavit."

Holden Oliver, the author of the post, points out that "an un-notarized declaration with the simple oath required by section 1746 can be used any time you need an affidavit, e.g., an affidavit supporting (or opposing) a summary judgment motion."

Thanks, Holden.

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