More on Robert Bork

i wrote several weeks ago about the lawsuit Robert Bork filed against the Yale Club. I mentioned that the some issues I had with the suit, including the request for punitive damages.

Eric Turkewitz wrote a much better post than I.  As a New York personal injury lawyer, he wrote what was wrong with the complaint filed on behalf of Judge Bork. 

The original complaint has been amended, and it still does not pass muster in Eric’s mind.  Here is his latest post that explains what was wrong with the original complaint and what the amended complaint missed.

The wonderful thing about this post is not just that it has a little fun at the expense of Judge Bork’s lawyers.  It points out how good lawyers think when they draft a complaint.  It can be a "short, plain statement upon which relief may be granted."  It can also be be an instrument to establish facts and identify issues on which discovery is necessary.

Good job, Eric.

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