Stats on Davidson County, Tennessee Tort Trials and Verdicts

Information is now available on the number of tort trials and jury verdicts in Davidson County, Tennessee for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022.

There were 1883 tort cases filed in Davidson County (not including health care liability act cases) and 41 tort trials.  Here is how that compares with prior years:


Note that barely 2% of all filed cases are tried to judgment, a number which is generally consistent with past years.  When your client asks you “what are the odds my case will go to trial” you can say that, on average 98% of filed cases are resolved (through voluntary dismissal, dismissal on motion, or settlement) before a jury verdict or judgment is announced.

The number of trials – 41 – tells only part of the story, however.  Only 26 of those trials were jury trials – the other 15 were tried to the court. The plaintiff made a financial recovery in 25 of those cases.  Note:  the fact that the plaintiff recovered in 60% of the cases does not mean the plaintiff “won” 60% of the cases.  Why?  Because we do not know whether the plaintiff’s recovery exceeded the pretrial offer.  We can say that in Davidson County last year defendants received a defense judgment in 40% of the cases that were tried.


What monies were recovered by the plaintiff in the 25 cases where a recovery occurred?  We have the answer only in three broad bands of recoveries (less than $100K, $100K – $999K) and $1,000,000 and over.   Here are the numbers:


So, as experienced court watchers would expect, most of the cases that went to verdict or judgment resulted in an award of under $100,000.  Only three resulted in awards over $1,000,000, although at least one of those was quite large (given the total damages awarded for the year).  The $43.3M awarded in Davidson County represents about 80% of the tort damages awarded in all of Tennessee in 2021-22.

You can find information about trials and verdicts in tort cases for every county in Tennessee by visiting the Free Resources at www.birddoglaw.comClick on this link to find a list of every county in the state, click on the relevant county, and go to “Case Statistics.”  (Note:  we are still inputting the 2021-22 data so some counties will have data only through June 30, 2021.  All information will be complete before May 1.


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