Stats on Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases in Rutherford County, Tennessee

Information is now available on the number of tort trials and jury verdicts in Rutherford County, Tennessee (county seat – Murfreesboro) for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022.  The data is some of the most shocking data that comes from the recently released Tennessee case filing statitics

There were 69 tort cases closed in Rutherford County (not including health care liability act cases) and 1 (that is correct – 1) tort trial.


As the graph below demonstrates, that one trial was a jury trial, and it was lost by the plaintiff:



Indeed, the data shows that over the last six years there have been 36 trials in personal injury and wrongful death cases in Rutherford County and the plaintiff has been awarded damages in a little over 20% of them – 8 cases in total.


The total damages awarded by judges and juries in those eight cases over the last six years is less than $2,000,000, with over 65% of that amount awarded in one case in fiscal 2016-17.

You can find information about trials and verdicts in tort cases for every county in Tennessee by visiting the Free Resources at www.birddoglaw.comClick on this link to find a list of every county in the state, click on the relevant county, and go to “Case Statistics.”  (Note:  we are still inputting the 2021-22 data so some counties will have data only through June 30, 2021.  All information will be complete before May 1.


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