Stats About Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases and Verdicts in Putnam County, Tennessee

Information is now available on the number of tort trials and jury verdicts in Putnam County, Tennessee (county seat: Cookeville) for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022.

There were 93 personal injury and wrongful death cases closed in Putnam County (not including health care liability act cases) and not a single trial.  Here is how that compares with prior years:



Is it possible that this is correct?  That Putnam County, home to 80,000 people that is the home of miles and miles of Interstate 40, has not have a single personal injury or wrongful death trial in the last six fiscal years?

I guess it is possible – many (smaller) Tennessee counties have had no trials of personal injury and wrongful death cases.   But it is also possible that it the reports filed with the Administrative Office of the Courts are in error.

One last point.  Note that the number of case filings is down over 30% in the last six fiscal years.  That could mean a decrease in the number of injury-producing incidents, or it could mean that more potential cases are being resolved before suit is filed.

You can find information about trials and verdicts in tort cases for every county in Tennessee by visiting the Free Resources at www.birddoglaw.comClick on this link to find a list of every county in the state, click on the relevant county, and go to “Case Statistics.”  (Note:  we are still inputting the 2021-22 data so some counties will have data only through June 30, 2021.  All information will be complete before May 1.


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