Tennessee Court Adopts Revisions to Civil Procedure Rules

The Tennessee Supreme Court has adopted proposed amendments to several rules of civil procedure.

Rules 5 and 5B have been amended to account for changes in the court system given the expansion of e-filing across the state.

Rule 33 has been amended in the hope of eliminating gamesmanship in answering interrogatories.

A new comment has been added to Rule 34 that is intended to provide guidance on how to appropriately object to requests to produce documents.

Interestingly, the Court did not the Advisory Commission’s proposal to provide for mandatory disclosures of information in civil cases, including a detailed disclosure of financial matters in divorce cases.  The proposed changes were very controversial.

The proposals will now be presented to the General Assembly.  If the General Assembly approves of the changes they will likely come into effect on July 1, 2020.



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