Tennessee Law of Civil Trial – New Edition

The second edition of Tennessee Law of Civil Trial is now available for purchase.  The new edition updates the first edition of the text published five years ago.

The 500-page book is designed to help lawyers prepare for the procedural issues that arise from jury selection through post-trial motions.   It also includes the law of scheduling orders, and discusses alternative provisions that can be incorporated into scheduling orders depending on the complexity of the case.  (The chapter on Tennessee scheduling orders is available for free by clicking on the link.)  There is also a chapter on the law of motions in limine, and the Appendix includes multiple forms for use in drafting motions.

Reading this book will cause inexperienced trial lawyers to discover answers to questions they did not even know were questions and those with more experience will have their recollection of the law of trial quickly refreshed.   The book is written to make it readily capable of use in the middle of trial.

Click on Tennessee Law of Civil Trial to read more about the book and to order it.  Price?  Only $119.95 plus sales taxes, shipping and handling.  A substantial discount is available for those who want to purchase five (5) or more copies of Tennessee Law of Civil Trial – Second Edition at one time. Contact Carey Turner at 615.742.4880 to make arrangements for purchase and shipping purchases of five (5) copies or more.

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