Tennessee Supreme Court to Hear Two New Cases

Last week, the Tennessee Supreme Court agreed to hear two new cases.

One is a tort case.  Kenneth J. Mynatt v. National Treasury Employees Union, Chapter 39  addresses the torts of malicious prosecution and civil conspiracy.

The other, City of Knoxville, Tennessee v. Netflix, Inc. addresses the the right to regulate Netflix and Hulu (and similar concerns) by local governments.  The Court accepted certification of a question of state law from the United States District Court in Knoxville.

Both of these cases have been added to Cases Pending Before the Tennessee Supreme Court, published by BirdDog Law, LLC.  BirdDog is my new creation and contains lots of free resources to help Tennessee lawyers help their clients.

The Mynatt and Netflix  pages will be supplemented so that you can understand the state of the briefing in the cases, when oral argument is set, etc.

And, while you are at it, scroll down the list of other cases pending before the Court.  There are a total of six important tort cases and two civil procedure cases that will impact your practice.

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