Tort Law Tidbit – Uninsured Motorist Claims

Many clients do not understand why their insurance company should have to pay out money because the driver that caused the wreck did not have insurance or did not have sufficient insurance to cover the loss. Those people are reluctant to “sue” their own company, in part because they are afraid that doing so will increase their insurance rates.

T.C.A. Sec. 56-7-1201 (f) gives you information that can help your client feel more comfortable about the decision to seek UM benefits. It provides that an insurer cannot raise insurance rates solely to the payment of a UM claim.

A significant percentage of drivers do not have insurance and a large number of those that do have it have only the mimimum amount prescribed by state law. Consider counseling your clients to increase their liability and UM limits. Many will be surprised how much more protection they can get for a relatively low cost.

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