Tort Law Tidbit – When Must The Judge Rule?

I know the judge has to render a decision in my case in some time period. What is it?

T.C.A. Sec. 20-9-506 requires a judge who tries a non-jury case to render a decision and have the judgment entered within 60 days after completion of the trial.

Now, how do you enforce that statute? Well, the is a little more delicate. First, know your judge. Some judges will appreciate a “Motion to Determine Status.” Some judges let it be known that they want such a motion in the event something slips through the cracks.

Some local rules have a procedure for ascertaining the status of matters taken under advisement. Ask fellow lawyers in that jursidiction what to do. Make a polite call to the judge’s secretary to inquire.
Or, the best alternative of all: get your adversary to file the motion.

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