Anti-Tort Reform Article

is an article by Larry Beinhart explaining how  and why Corporate America seeks to limit access to our courts by pushing so-called "tort reform" legislation.


A sample: 

Big business hates lawsuits. They hate being made accountable. They hate having to pay. So what can they do about it?

They hire PR companies to spread stories — frequently less than complete, often completely false — about frivolous lawsuits. They spend hundreds of millions of dollars promoting those tales. At the same time, almost every settlement contains a non-disclosure agreement. The offenders are free to trumpet their tales far and wide. The victims must stay silent.

The poster child for the victims of frivolous lawsuits is the noble physician. No less a person than ex-president George Bush has told us that it’s the trial lawyers who are driving good OB/GYNs out of their practices and depriving communities of decent medical care. It’s malpractice insurance (due to the frivolous lawsuits) that is making health care unaffordable. Almost everyone believes this story.

Then there are the facts.


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