Med Mal Fight in Senate Today

Senator Frist and his friends are back with another bill to restrict the rights of medical malpractice victims. Here is the bill, known as S.B. 22.

Expect a vote on cloture today or tomorrow.

The legislation includes caps on noneconomic damages, uniform statutes of limitations (except in states that have more pro-provider limits), expert witness rules, collateral source changes, and caps on attorneys’ fees. The bill also enhances Rule 11 sanctions in medical malpractice cases.

A companion bill, S.B. 23, gives special treatment to people who commit malpractice on an expectant mother and her child or children.

Isn’t nice that the country is in such good shape that the Senate can waste time on legislation like this? Good thing we are not at war, we have federal spending under control, our ports and airways are secure, we have a solid energy policy in place to secure our economic future, and all but 44 million people have affordable health insurance (and those 44 million people have no health insurance) so that we can spend time on legislation like this.

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