Making Sure the Jury Sees and Hears Your Evidence

 Winning Trial Advocacy Tips is back, this time with a post giving great suggestions on how to make sure your jury sees and hears your evidence.

An excerpt:

1. How to guarantee that the jury hears every word of your recorded statement.  As you start playing the audio recording, cup your hand over your ear and make eye contact with each and every juror.  Non-verbally, you’re asking them if they can hear the statement.  If they can hear it, they’ll nod their heads in agreement or give you a “thumbs-up” sign.  If they can’t hear, they’ll give you a non-verbal clue to raise the volume (or maybe even tell you, “Turn it up, I can’t hear!”) 

Here’s an added benefit: Making eye contact with each juror forces you to “check in” with them, so you can evaluate how things are going.


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