Thank You

My new book – Day on Torts:  A Handbook for Tennessee Tort Lawyers – was delivered yesterday (November 5).  It was promised for last week, but there were apparently some difficulties in the shipping process. 

The project started about eight months ago and the book was delivered within ten days of the original target date.  The printer did a great job getting the book out in a timely fashion despite an unexpected glitch with the texture of the copper band on the cover. 

The reason for the "thank you" is that a good number of you have already placed an order for one (or more) books.  We shipped twenty-five books yesterday and will ship about that many tomorrow.  Orders continue to arrive via

I need yet another favor from those of you who chose to purchase the book.  When you are using the book in your practice, please make a note of what I could do to improve it.  Are there subjects I failed to include?  (I have already identified a couple.)  Should I have selected a different case to summarize as the leading case for any given subject?  Did I failure to include some important legal point in any summary?  Should I have included more unreported cases?  Should I have included an index?

Also, please make note of the free updates on the web at  (They will be available on November 15, 2007).  Am I updating the site frequently enough?   Are the updates helping you with your research effort?  Is the site appropriately organized?  What other information would you like to see on the site?

Time restrictions made it impossible for me to vet the book before a large audience before publication.  Therefore, I need your input to make the 2009 edition of the book one that will even do more to help you serve your clients.


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