Changes to Tennessee Rules of Procedure and Evidence

On July 1, 2022 there are changes to the rules of civil procedure, evidence, appellate procedure, and criminal procedure.  Click on the link to see the court order setting forth the changes.

BirdDog Law offers free access to the rules, available 24/7/365 on your desktop, notebook, or phone.  The rules have been updated on BirdDog to reflect the changes effective July 1.

Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure

Tennessee Rules of Appellate Procedure

Tennessee Rules of Evidence

Tennessee Rules of Criminal Procedure

Under the regulations that govern the Claims Commission, any updates to the rules of civil procedure automatically apply in proceedings before the Commission except where specifically modified by the regulations.  Reg. 0310-01-01-.01.  Thus, BirdDog has also updated its book, Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure (Modified for Use in the Claims Commission) with the new rule changes.

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