FRE Rule 502 Becomes Law

The Congress has approved changes to the Federal Rules of Evidence, including the addition of Rule 502 dealing with  the waiver of attorney-client privilege and work product protection as a result of inadvertent or intentional disclosure to another party.

Click here for  the text of the rule as it appears in the Congressional Record (9/8/2008).

Thanks to Discovery Resources and Dennis Kiker of Fois Consulting for alerting me about the adoption of this rule.

By the way, some of you many wonder why I always link to other bloggers when I get an idea from them for a post to this blog.  I do so because there is an understanding among the blogging community that when you get an idea from post created by another blogger you give them credit for originating it.  See, e.g. Suite ("Be creative, don’t steal other people’s content.").  In short, I want to give credit where credit is due – it is the right thing to do.   Not doing so is simple plagiarism.

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