Book Updated

Day on Torts:  A Handbook for Tennessee Tort Lawyers 2008 has been updated to include all cases through Sunday, January 13, 2008.

The updates work like this.  After you have found the leading case summarized in one of 233 sections of the book, go to the "Free Updates" page of the book website, scroll down to the relevant section, and you will any decision released since October 1, 2007 on that subject.

Don’t have the book?  Well, my bias is obvious, but I must say I have been very gratified by the comments I have received to date.  I have had multiple people tell me they use it every day.  I was in three different law offices the other day and saw the book open on lawyer’s desk.  Last week one purchaser placed a second order for the rest of the lawyers in his office.  Even judges have begun ordering it.

Potentially interested?  Read a sample chapter here, see the Table of Contents here and go here to purchase.

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