Back from Phoenix

Joy and I got back from Phoenix last night after spending a long weekend there at a meeting of the Board of Directors of the National Board of Trial Advocacy, the parent of which is now known as the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification.

After the meetings ended Saturday afternoon we drove to Sedona with Steve Croley and Bridget McCormack to watch the sunset. Steve is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Bridget is the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs at the University of Michigan Law School. (Bridget also serves on the NBLSC Board.) They are great people, and we had a great time both in Sedona and at the Spirit Room in Jerome.

Steve is writing (another) book but I am not sure if I can mention the exact topic or not so I won’t. I will say that Steve is just the right person to write a book on this topic and I look forward to its publication.

In summary, we had a wonderful weekend in Phoenix surrounded by nice people and fantastic weather. Now, back to the grindstone.

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