Blog Report

I am happy to report that this blog has reached the 750-post milestone. The blog began in February, 2005 and has grown to appoximately 500 unique vistors per business day (only a couple hundred on weekends).

The experience has been a very positive one. It takes me back to the time I started the Tennessee Tort Law Letter over a decade ago. At the time I thought I had a good grasp on tort law, but after I started reading every tort decision released in Tennessee I began to realize what I didn’t know. Now I make more of an effort to keep up with tort law developments nationally so that I can share what I learn on this blog – and once again find out how much there is to know.

The goal of this blog has always been to help lawyers keep up-to-date with developments in tort law in Tennessee and across the nation. In the coming months I am going to make an effort to add to the Blue Chippers List – people seem to like this feature. If there is other information you would like me to seek out and share please let me know.

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