Board Certification of Lawyers

Yes, there is a board certification for lawyers. For civil trial lawyers, the only national certification program is one offered by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. See the NBTA website here.

I am honored to be the Immediate Past President of NBTA and have served on the Board for many years. It is a fine organization, committed to helping consumers find a competent, ethical lawyer.

Read the standards for certification of a civil trial lawyer here.

Does the fact that a lawyer is not certified mean that the lawyer is not competent? Not at all. Many competent lawyers have not yet chosen to document their experience and pass the examination that will permit them to hold themselves out as board-certified. However, if you do not know a lawyer, the fact that a lawyer is board-certified tells you that he or she meets the qualifications for board certification and has made the effort to document those qualifications to a national board.

I encourage people from other states who ask me who they should hire as a trial lawyer to hire a board-certified lawyer. Why? Because I know – and the client will know – that at a minimum that person meets the standards necessary for certification, which means that they have a certain level of experience, etc.

If you are a lawyer and can meet the standards for certification I encourage you to apply. The profession is moving in this direction – time to jump on board.

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