Pat Robertson’s Attempt at Plausible Deniablity Fails

I wrote the other day about Rev. Robertson’s suggestion that the United States kill a foreign leader. Here is the post.

August 22, 2005: Believe it or not there are people who get there news from Pat Robertson. This man, who runs a tax-exempt empire that he holds out as a church, now has called for the assassination of the leader of a foreign country.

What does the rest of the world – particularly the Muslim world – think about America when one of us who is prominent to have his own TV show calls for the murder of a foreign leader? When a nut in the Muslim world does this we call him a savage and a terrorist.

See the words and watch the video of “our” nut here. And then think about the fact that right now in some cave in Pakistan this video is being shown to a bunch of angry young men with guns, bombs, and a willingness to sacrifice their lives in the name of their religion.

The other members of the Christian Coalition should denounce these statements and kick him out of the organization. Pat Robertson is an embarrassment to Christians everywhere.

August 24, 2005. Robertson now denies saying that Chavez should be assassinated – he says he was misinterpreted. He says “take him out” could mean number of things, including kidnapping.

Rev. Robertson, you were on television. Images of what you say hang around. You can’t spin this – it is impossible. Read your lips.

Just admit you said something outrageous and un-Christian and hope that people forget.

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