Report From San Francisco

I am in San Francisco attending my first meeting as a member of the American Law Institute. 

Yesterday I attended a meeting of the Members Consultative Group for the Restatement Third, Economic Torts and Related Wrongs.  We spent two hours debating five black-letter law sections of a draft of the restatement, including a very interesting discussion of the law of damages.  Last night there was a dinner for the first-year members at the R & G Lounge and then several of us went to the Buena Vista Cafe for Irish coffee.

This morning we will hear speeches by the Chief Judge of the Ninth Circuit as well as the President and President-Elect of the ABA.  Later today there will be floor discussions about changes in the restatements in the fields of software contracts and international intellectual property.

Formal work ends at 4:45 and then we are off to the Legion of Honor for a reception.

There is nothing like being in San Francisco and sitting in a windowless hotel conference room talking about software contracts.  Even though I am an old man I still know how to party!

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