The Blogs I Read

I was in Knoxville yesterday and had the opportunity to talk with my friend Howard Vogel and his son Alex.  We were talking blogs (the three of us make a fun group, don’t we?) and Howard or Alex asked what blogs I regularly read.

I thought I would share the list. 

What About Clients?

Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground

Appellate Law and Practice

Torts Prof Blog

Abstract Appeal

South Carolina Trial Law Blog

Blog 702

Wall Street Journal Law Blog

Illiniois Legal Malpractice Blog

Tennessee Business LItigation Law Blog

Tennessee Medical Malpractice Law Blog

These are the blogs I try to look at every day.  There are a bunch of others I look at when I have nothing else to do, and still others I look at when I am trying to find a particular piece of information.  But these blogs keep me informed about matters of interest to me in my daily practice.

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