New Blog – Practical Procedure and Evidence.

Please take a minute to check out my newest blog.

Practical Procedure and Evidence  is created to help Tennessee civil trial lawyers stay current on civil, appellate, and evidence issues.   It will include not just new cases and rule changes but will also give lawyers practical tips on how to handle certain evidence and procedure issues in their practice.

Today’s post addresses post-judgment interest – how the rate is determined, whether the rate changes during the life of the judgment, and how to provide for the provision of post-judgment interest when drafting a judgment.

The plan is to add several posts a week.  You can help us help other members of the Tennessee Bar by sending us motions, orders and briefs that address civil procedure, appellate procedure and evidence issues in Tennessee. If we think that what you have shared fits within the scope of this project and will benefit Tennessee lawyers, we will share your work product and give you an appropriate shout-out in the Practical Procedure and Evidence blog.

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