“Pending Cases” Updated with New Tennessee Supreme Court Opinion

There are eighteen civil and ten criminal cases pending before the Tennessee Supreme Court.  Do you know which cases will impact your current and future clients?

Pending Cases Before the Tennessee Supreme Court” is our e-book which contains a list of, and important information about, every case accepted for review by the Tennessee Supreme Court.  By scanning the Table of Contents, you can quickly determine if a case in your office may be impacted by an upcoming decision of the Court.  You can also see the status of the case (where it is in the briefing process, whether oral argument has been scheduled, etc.)

On Wednesday the Court decided State v. Moon, a criminal case that addressed speedy trial and impeachment issues.  Our e-book was updated within twenty-four hours.  Click here for our updated summary of Moon.

Pending Cases Before the Tennessee Supreme Court” is a free offering of BirdDog Law, LLC.,  a website designed to help Tennessee lawyers better serve their clients.   The sites “Free Resources” gives you ready access to user-friendly rules of procedure, evidence, and much, much more.   It also permits you to subscribe to my books, Day on Torts: Leading Cases in Tennessee Tort Law, Tennessee Law of Civil Trial, and Compendium of Tennessee Tort Reform Statutes. Each of these books are constantly updated as new statutes are adopted and new cases are decided.



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