Short Term Offer for Day on Torts and Other Books – Save 25%

BirdDog Law is a website that provide access to legal information that Tennessee lawyers and paralegals need to better serve their clients.  It is filled with free resources that will save you time and money.  Interested in knowing the fax number for the Circuit Court Clerk in Henry County?  Use our “Counties” pages, click on Henry County, and you find it – and lots more information about the functioning of the civil and criminal courts in Henry County.

Need free, user-friendly, and searchable access to the rules of civil procedure in your office or in the courtroom?  BirdDog has it.

And much, much more.

BirdDog is also the home to Day on Torts and John Day’s other books, including his newest, Tennessee Wrongful Death Law.  These books are available by subscription 24/7 and are updated as the law changes.

Here is how it works:  say you want to have ready access to Day on Torts, a massive book containing over 500,000 words giving you the leading cases on over 500 tort law subjects.  You can subscribe to book for $499.99 (plus sales tax) for the first year, dropping to $249.99 for the second year.  I urge you to compare this price to the cost of hard cover legal books – some of which are now more than $1000.00!

But BirdDog has an even better option – the Smart Bundle.  The Smart Bundle includes subscription access to all six of John’s books for only $599.99 for the first year, $349.99 for the second year.  These six books have a total annual subscription value of over $1000.00 per year, but you get access to all a savings of over 40% the first year and over 65% the second year!

Special, limited time offer.  Subscribe before April 30 and save 25% off the first year annual subscription to any book or to the Smart Bundle.  Simply go into the subscription portal and, when asked for a discount, type in “Intro25” and you will receive an automatic 25% discount on the first year subscription.  Discount expires on April 30, 2023!

The subscription products will save you hours of research time.  Try them today!


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